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Time track your work

smartLog offers automatic time tracking to precisely keep track how much time you spend on your working files. It includes idle detection that can be individually set. Logs can be viewed in a variety of viewing modes including history- ranking and pie view mode.

Day rate calculator

Get instant feedback about day rates of selected time logs. Your costs can be individually adjusted so that you can keep track of how much money you earned for a selected amount of work.

Time tracker for automatic notifications

Get automatically notified after custom set intervals using smartLog's time tracker. Set an interval and keep working without getting interrupted within that time frame.

Get data into and out of smartLog into third-party apps

Logs can be imported into and exported out of smartLog using various formats like json, csv and pdf. You can also create custom commands to send the logs to third party apps.

Filter and search logs

smartLog offers filtering and searching logs via different categories so that you can always find work from the past. Additionally, they can be tagged in order to group cohesive logs.

• Automatic time tracking incl. idle detection
• Auto notifications using custom intervals
• Day rate calculator
• Multiple viewing modes
• Import and export time logs to multiple formats
• Inject custom code, connect to third party apps

For more information please visit www.cragl.com/smartLog

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